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[12 Sep 2004|02:39pm]

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[12 Sep 2004|02:39pm]

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[29 Aug 2004|01:29pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

what is your fav Music lyric??

it could be by anyone
it could be more then one
im just trying to find really good lyrics

give me the lyric then who sang it and what song its from

if im doing something im not suppose to please let me know
like x-posting

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[11 Aug 2004|09:57pm]
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[19 Jul 2004|07:13pm]

hey guys i just wanted to let you know im leaving all my comms are getting to be too much and im just too busy sorry =( luv ya'll bye <33
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[06 Jul 2004|05:24pm]

I'm going on a community deleting rampage, running my own community takes up too much of my time. Feel free to apply to my community.


But before i go, let me recomend that you listen to these bands.

The Weakend http://www.purevolume.com/theweakend
Half The Battle http://www.halfthebattle.net

^^Those two are local bands from here that made it on the warped tour. they seriously rock.

And also:

Before I Go http://www.purevolume.com/beforeigo

Because they rock.

Ta Ta for now, maybe I'll see you in my community.
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[02 Jul 2004|10:00pm]

are you into bands and music but you can't find any good communitys then you found the spot well then check out xxmusicislife! i just created it and i'm looking forward to meeting new members!! xxmusicislife
tell me what you think!

Hmm. [01 Jul 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Someone requested
gatsby's american dream
to me a while ago.
Amazing, to me atleast.


Check them out.

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join? [25 Jun 2004|04:04pm]



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[21 Jun 2004|04:34pm]

have you guys heard of the killers? i really like them...when i went to the hometown throwdown at soma to see the yeah yeah yeahs and they played and i really likes them
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[21 Jun 2004|02:40pm]
yo, check out my brothers friends band...they are REALLY good.


so everyone should download their songs lol.

ok bye.
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[20 Jun 2004|06:15pm]

i'm bored. and, i haven't posted in this sweet ass community in a while.

so who else is goin' to mcr on august first?
& their new cd kicks ass.

ps: i just randomly read my year book comments.
& chrissy, yours made me giggle. [hardcore, lol]
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[19 Jun 2004|04:26pm]

who else is going to Hellfest?.
tell me what you think!

hola lovelies <3 [19 Jun 2004|04:10pm]

[ mood | burning up. ]

my name is Kristen, or just Kris.
bands : incubus/thrice/ataris/taking back sunday/a perfect circle/maxeen/further seems forever/nirvana/fall out boy/box car racer/jet/the strokes/etc.

news : i have incubus tickets, next to the stage. ok be jealous of me. just kidding. =P

anything else? comment/add me.

ok now anyways.

check out my favorite local bands ://

two days ago
the silent press
far less
aural sun

ok that's enough for now.

♥ ♥ ♥


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purevolume. [14 Jun 2004|01:22pm]

hello everyone I just wanted you guys to check out a couple of my friends bands and tell me what you think.

^emo like sound, they are wringint here songs as stories, like coheed they are interesting and love what they do, I hope you enjoy

^my exboyfriend (singer of stirr charged) is really good friends with 2 guys in this band they are pretty hardcore, check them out if thats what your into.

^My darling friend shawns band. they are emo and cute. You might like them or hate em, they are okay.

thats it. Thanks for listening guys, later on

Hillary Marie
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[14 Jun 2004|07:28pm]

i think you all should check out
circle takes the square. <33333
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[14 Jun 2004|11:20am]

check out xhot_rockersx
tell me what you think!

as i jump, you catch my fall... [12 Jun 2004|05:14pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

WARPED TOUR '04 is coming!...to my town in a couple of weeks, but don't you'all agree that this year's lineup isn't all that good as last year's? i mean, all i am hoping to saee is: sugarcult, mae, yellowcard, story of the year, and sum other bands...what about the ataris?? <<too bad they're not coming this year, oh well...maybe next year's will have a good lineup... "we write to patch things up, maybe not agree, but to procrate l<3ve..." <3 <3 <3

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[12 Jun 2004|10:05am]

hey .

i just recently started listening to ' fall out boy '

the song i like the best is ' grand theft autumn '

heres the link , when you get there, click the song = D

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hey guys.. [11 Jun 2004|02:15pm]

Rumor has it the my bitch Marilyn Manson will be Slugworth(or whatver) in the New Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

that'll be on kick ass movie.

considering johnny depp will be willy wonka. :-P
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